My Next Step~Life Coaching - "Learn to live life, with every step you take"
Types of coaching we offer:

*General Coaching- Coaching that looks across all areas of your life to improve your general well being and sense of purpose.

*Spiritual- Coaching that uses your spiritual beliefs and the practices of your spirituality to inform and construct the coaching process; including being coached on the basis of your own beliefs.

*Career- Coaching that helps you to achieve personal and financial objectives in your career.

*Leadership- Coaching that has its main focus on the attitudes, skills and capabilities of successful leaders in business and public life.

*Relationship- Coaching that inspires Individuals or couples that are healthy, powerful, and able to achieve relationship goals with effective support, information, and guidance.

*Personal Growth- Coaching that teaches you have to live with gratitude, compassion, satisfaction, and joy at home, at work, and in the world.

*Work/Life Balance- Coaching that helps the business professional achieve life balance, without sacrificing business success.

*Women's Issues- Coaching that helps women deal with emotional issues that block their peace, joy, health, and "womanhood".
*Sports Psychology- Mental Game Coaches specialize in the critical performance issues: Anxiety, Choking, Focus, Goal-Setting and Achievement, Perfectionism, Procrastination, Mental Preparation, Self-Discipline, Getting in the Zone, Slumps and Confidence, Hecklers and Psych-outs, Performing under Pressure, The Fear of Success, The Fear of Failure, The Imposter Syndrome.

                   Individual Coaching
Individual Coaching
                   Community Coaching 
Group Coaching
 Most clients choose one of these coaching packages- 2 hours a month ($280.00)

 (4) 30 minute sessions OR 
(3) 40 minute sessions OR
(2) 60 minute sessions OR

           (1) 60 minute session for $145.00
             (discounts and sliding scale fees are available)

*This pricing does not include the initial session, which is absolutely free!

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