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About Us
Nicole L. Davis, is a Certified Professional Life Coach, and the founder of My Next Step~Life Coaching, who truly believes you are just one step away from changing your destiny. Nicole is a graduate of The Life Coaching Institute of Orange County.  She is also a Master's Level Therapist, who is trained in Behavioral and Counseling Psychology, and has worked to help people reach their greatest potential for over 15 years.

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Q: What is your coaching philosophy?
A: I believe in getting the very best out of my clients and enabling them to make decisions that will improve their life; and as a result find a deeper understanding of themselves.  
Q: How do you perform your sessions?
A: Many of my clients live in different states, so their sessions are held over the phone(Skype is also available). I offer face-to-face and group/communty sessions to local clients. These sessions are held in the greater Atlanta area.
Q: How long is each coaching session?
A: Each session is approximately 1 hour.
Q: Is the first coaching session free?
A: Absolutely! I feel it’s very important to offer a free initial session, to make sure both the client and I feel the coaching relationship will be a good fit.
Q: Do you offer coaching packages?
A: Each client has different needs, so I have several coaching packages to choose from. Each package is structured to ensure that the client receives the most from their coaching experience.
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